Uncommon Vision - A Photographic Collection of the World Around Us - Rose Klockner Photography

Exploring the Beauty of Central Ohio and Beyond...

Photography, at its most basic level, is always about common things, rocks, trees, leaves, buildings, lights, people, animals. Anyone can take a photo, but what makes the common into art? Vision. The ability to see beauty, where others see the mundane. Whether it’s a street light, a fogged swept mountain, or cracked mud; whether they travel or stay close to home, it is the artist’s vision that brings out the uncommon beauty in all the things they photograph. Arthur’s photos, along with his haiku, speak of love, connection and the beauty of the human connection. Rose and Vincent try to honor the soul of nature and inspire others to explore and preserve its beauty. Taken together, they hope these photos bring you an “Uncommon Vision” of the world around you.

The show opens Saturday, April 7,  7-9pm at Wild Goose Creative and runs through the month of April. It is featuring the photography of Rose Klockner, Vincent Nobel, and Arthur Gibson. These are my photos from the show.

A generous Resource Grant from the Greater Columbus Arts Council made this show possible for me.

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