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I wanted to let you know that from late Wednesday till Saturday morning I was at OSU The James hospital. I was just feeling kind of lousy over the last few weeks, and then suddenly I had some very increased pain as well as increased bleeding.

I've gotten the pain mostly back under control and may also understand what causes it (a goof with a certain medicine I take and now we understand it better), but I have also decided to take a break from cancer treatments till the first week of December.

I may also have one, possibly two, procedures to see if the bleeding can be reduced or stopped. I also have to have my nephrostomy tubes replaced this week (but that's been scheduled for a while) Hopefully, this gives me chance to catch my breath and enjoy late Fall. I have a few regular doctor appointments to catch up on as well.

I'm looking forward to providing Urban Acupuncture (Clintonville location) with photos for their community acupuncture room for the months of December and January. Both locations of Urban Acupuncture have been extremely helpful to me over the last few months. If you have been interested in trying acupuncture, please consider checking them out.

A Brisk November Day

Scioto Trail State Park

This was taken several years ago.
Fall photography doesn't have to end with October.

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