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I don't have a photo for you this time...

I'm experiencing an extremely unpleasant side effect of cancer treatment. Not quite bad enough to go the ER, but bad enough to make me miserable till my appointment tomorrow and even then there will probably not be relief from it in the short term as it may mean another surgery.

I also find out the results of my latest CT scans tomorrow, but it's really hard to be optimistic at this point. I can't help the feeling that everything that could go wrong during my treatment has gone wrong.

I don't have a photo for you this time and right at this moment, I can't keep myself from thinking that there may be no more photos. That may be what's scaring me the most. I'm trying to look back over this last year and find strength but right now all I find is tears, fear, and pain.

I guess I'm hoping I can borrow a bit of strength from you, my friends because right now I struggling to find mine. Your thoughts and prayers have always been a comfort and strength to me. Deep down, I still know, this too will pass.

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