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I had a really bad Friday the 13th, but a fairly good week that had a lot of good news.

  • My nephew and his wife beat Covid-19 and are doing fine. My nephew still as a loss of taste and smell, and his wife never got sick.
  • My sister (my nephew's Mom) seems to be doing OK with a mild case of Covid-19. Her quarantine ends tomorrow. Her husband, while hospitalized, is improving. He was even able to get antibody treatments as well as antivirals.
  • I am Ohio Art League's Artist of the Month.
  • My photo(s) were accepted for Ohio Art Leagues Fall Juried show. I submitted three, and the email wasn't clear if all, two, or one had been accepted, so we'll wait and see when they put the show online on November 20.
  • I shipped a stunning (sorry to brag) 20x48 canvas to a high school (oops...grade school) friend Thursday. (the photo at the top of this blog)
  • I am remaining a guest resident at 3060 ARTWORKS thru March 2021.
  • Two photos sold today at 3060 ARTWORKS!

Jim and I are doing well. We plan on a quiet Thanksgiving and, in fact, just bought the food for our meal, including these for breakfast. I'm hoping "my problems" won't prevent me from enjoying Thanksgiving dinner. We've accomplished a few projects around the house, mostly thanks to Jim (including replacing all of our smoke alarms).

I had two procedures in October. I am still adjusting to the effects of the second procedure. I am also set to have surgery on December 3rd. If everything goes as planned, I should only be in the hospital for 2-3 days with about a two-week recovery. Please pray that elective procedures are not put on hold again, though I think my oncologist could argue that it's not elective due to some serious quality of life issues and being in pain.

We are all hoping this surgery, along with the above-mentioned procedure, will return a decent level of independence and freedom for me. While I've gotten out a few times that were not medical appointments, I have been basically home-bound, and mostly just able to do computer work, since about mid-September. I am uncomfortable, at this time, sharing publically what these procedures/surgery are, but please contact me privately if you want to chat.

Stay safe everyone! Vaccines are on the horizon! There are reasons to hope and be thankful in this season and always.

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