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Exploring the Beauty of Ohio and Beyond...

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been feeling well enough to venture out again into Ohio backroads and turn their beauty into photographs. Since chemo is every three weeks, the side effects subside (mostly) for the second and third weekends and now that I'm stronger I can do some photography. These adventures are the best way for me to get my landscape photography fix right now. While I’m building strength, I still can’t walk as far as I used to, and I also can’t stand for any length of time. I’m often able to shoot from the SUV, but also if I’m able to pull over, I can lean against it or even sit on the back to support myself.

One of the two routes was southeast of Mohican State forest, sometimes following the Mohican River, which was very high and running very fast. This drive had a few wrong turns as I was following a route designed for cyclists and in a few places, I had to improvise because it used bike trails instead of the roads. I was also looking for an abandoned bridge that I’d seen photos. I found it but it was so overgrown, I couldn’t get any photos of it. Sounds like a trip back in either winter or early spring when that’s all gone. The one photo I did get I’m very happy with (see below). It’s often hard to get the perfect shot of those round bales along with a place you can stop…and bonus…big fluffy clouds in the sky.


The other route was east of Buckeye Lake. The first photo below, the tractor in the hay field, reminded me so much of my youth. In fact, it’s a Farm-All M. I drove a much older H series version of that tractor many years ago. The second photo below, the lone tree stood out for me. It’s dark green leaves against that unhazy blue sky (that we don’t get enough of in Ohio) stopped me in my tracks as I rounded a curve. I had to take the photo quickly as there was no place to pull over, but I couldn’t let that tree get away. The third photo below, the scene looking across the hills, makes me want to return for the fall color.

The other adventure I had this weekend was getting my photos up at Groveport Town Hall. With the help of my hubby and a good friend, they are now on display for the month of July. There is also a reception Saturday, July 20, from 3-6. If you interested in the reception please see the Facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/338590240158065/. Marking yourself interested or going will help my friend who is hosting the reception for me to plan the refreshments. 

As I just had my fourth (of six) chemo treatments yesterday so I'll most likely be out of commission for this coming weekend. I'm switching to radiation in a few weeks for 5 weeks and then finishing up the chemo. I may have more weekends available if the side effects aren't too bad. I think my next adventures, when feeling up to it, will be looking at some state parks I haven't yet explored. I’m in the mood for some lake photos.

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  • Jon Harvey

    on July 4, 2019

    Nice work. Great to hear you are out and getting around.

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