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 I surprised my regular doctor this past Friday. After reading everything that went on with my surgery and the subsequent week in the hospital, she thought I'd be wheeled in and there I stood telling her I drove to the appointment and I've been getting in around a half mile walk most day. I have to say I'm feeling almost "normal".

Normal activity...I didn't realize how much I missed driving. Many of you know I like to just take off and explore Ohio, so the fact I couldn't drive for over two weeks was really kind of hard. Now I'm not quite back to exploring the backroads of Ohio (where I capture photos like this), but I've managed several walks at my local metro park, Three Creeks. I drove up to Delaware on Saturday to meet my one of my sisters and my brother. We did a bit of "thrifting" (thrift store shopping) and they took me to lunch. I'll admit I was really tired when I got home, but it was nice to feel almost "normal" again.

I do get really tired, so I can't say I'm truly back to normal. There are other things like twice daily blood thinner shots, other new medications, and pending doctors appointments that keep reminding me there's a long road ahead.  I know it may be many months, even years, before "normal" is a real thing again. There is also a reality that, like these trees, I may have to deal with changing normals. They shed their leaves in the fall, deal with a harsh cold winter and then regrow them in the spring. That's a pretty big change. I have no idea what changes lie ahead for me. We probably find out this coming Wednesday what this mass they removed was and what further treatment (chemo, radiation, etc?) is needed.

But for now, I'm focusing on the "normal" I've achieved right now. Looking forward to sprouting some leaves (going to Easter Service at church, going back to work, getting back to some nature photography) and simply moving forward.

About the photo: Taken two days before my surgery, March 24, I'm sure this area of southeast Ohio near Lake Hope looks very different now. This was my last chance of the season to grab some good shots of dormant trees, especially the ones with the white bark which stand out so well in black and white photography. I'm so glad I had this opportunity before the surgery.

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