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Quick addendum to last blog - Re-do of the first chemo went well and we hope that I can have the second round at the clinic. Dealing with some issues between steroid use (to feel better) and high blood sugar, but they assure me they will get that under control. Feeling pretty good as I write this.

This may not be about what you think. It's not about asking the question "Why Me?", I answered that for myself the day after the surgery. My oldest sister, who beat breast cancer, wisely reminded me "Why Not Me?". None of us is exempt and bad things happen to everyone. "He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous." Matthew 5:45. There is also an Indian saying I've come to love, "It will be OK in the end, and if it is not OK then it is not the end."

No, this post is about why I'm choosing to relate my cancer experiences through my photography (and there will probably be some software development references along the way too).  See, I'm not personally crazy about the "battle" and "fight" terminology. If it works for someone else, that's great. But I have not been in a battle, or experienced a war. I'm not even a sports person. I know how to be strong. How to push through. I guess that's fighting. I see life through problem-solving eyes. Cancer is a problem. The art and science of medicine is working to solve it. God has gifted our wonderful doctors and nurses and scientists with curious problem-solving minds and a love of helping people that are finding the cures. They are the real warriors in my opinion.

My job is to solve this for myself personally, whatever the medical outcome. I learn best by example and especially from things I've already done. So it almost came naturally me to start processing what's happening to me in terms of photography. Writing out how that experience relates helps me process what I'm going through, even better than talking about it.

Don't worry...I will fight, but understand my method of "fighting" may look and sound very different. But it works for me.

About the Photos:
Mackinac Bridge MI (Left)
40 Mile Point Lighthouse - Lake Huron MI (Right)

Two beautiful things that solve problems. How to get from one place to the other when separated by water and how to keep ships and boats safe near shores. These two practical solutions have often been used as metaphors throughout history in all the different forms of art for passage through life, from life to death, welcoming someone home, safety, etc. We see beyond the practical and apply it to our life journeys in spiritually powerful ways.

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