04-08 | Finding Joy in the little things (Update 3) - Rose Klockner Photography

Exploring the Beauty of Ohio and Beyond...

Despite the setback of having to spend a week in the hospital, I am doing much better now. In some ways, I'm grateful to have done that first hard week of healing up with an excellent medical staff assisting me. I almost have a little bit too much energy at times and have to remind myself (or my body reminds me), "Hey stupid, you've got a big incision in your gut...slow down."

I'm finding it's the little things right now that are giving me the most joy...

--Prayers, cards, and well wishes - both analog and digital ;-)

--Coffee tasting right again.

--Being able to put on socks by myself.

--Hot and Sour soup brought by friends from your favorite
  Chinese restaurant.

--A friend stopping by to take me to walk in the park instead of
  having to walk in my tiny back yard.

--Making future plans (even if they have to be changed).

Little things...Last fall, I attended Mike Moats' Macro Conference. First of all, I want to say, if you have an interest in macro/close-up photography, don't hesitate to go to this conference. However, I'll admit as mostly a landscape photographer now, I felt a bit like fish out of water. That's not to say, I don't occasionally enjoy getting a great close-up shot.

I also don't really like to do indoor photography, but one of the things that caught my attention during the table-top photography sessions were the seashells. I think I spent most of the session at that table. That night back in the hotel, I began thinking of a bad weather (and later I would realize, during recovery) indoor shooting project. I began borrowing and buying seashells and found you can buy sand at local craft stores. My old scrapbook supplies collection got raided for some backgrounds, and...believe it or not, you can buy bags of small driftwood on eBay.

I'm calling this series "Tiny Fantasy Seascapes". I wanted an indoor project that still fed my love for nature and landscape photography when I can't travel. I'm not really looking to keep things in scale or perfectly balanced (remember I'm calling them "Fantasy Seascapes"). I'm looking to use different textures, shapes and play with colors. I'll freely admit they are a bit corny, but I enjoyed setting these two up.

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