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Exploring the Beauty of Ohio and Beyond...

Not the best way to restart a blog, but I feel I need to tie this new journey in with my photography.

Some of you know, some of you don't. I had fairly major surgery at The James last Tuesday. Unfortunately, despite the initial blood tests showing no cancer, it likely is and I won't know what type for at least another full week. The mass was very strange and may take them a while to fully diagnose. I never do anything the easy way, do I. :-)

Recovery from the surgery has been two steps forward, one step back. I'm still at The James as I write this. Certain organs "go to sleep" when they work on your abdomen area and mine are having a hard time waking up. Especially since my surgery was longer and more involved than expected.

My strength and ability to care for myself is returning fairly fast. My spirits are good and my prince of a husband has been a rock. Not really thinking ahead yet to chemo/radiation. One step at a time. Have to heal up first. I'll put out an update here in the blog as I can. Maybe treat you to some photos you might not have spotted in my portfolio. Your thoughts and prayers are always appreciated.

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