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Having read the history of this (mostly) abandoned town, this title came to me as I was making the photograph. Mistakes and bad luck led this town down a dark road. Not the least of which was that mining dried up the water source, the superintendent of the school married a ninth-grade student, and the death knell, the highway was built too far away. The approaching storm seemed to speak to that destruction, telling me a little bit more of this small town would be washed away that night. Eventually, there will be nothing left of it but a few photographs and maybe a footnote in a history book.

We didn’t have a lot of time to photograph the town. The approaching storm was a bad one, as we’d driven through it coming back to South Dakota from Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. I looked around and saw several good photographs to make, but the road caught my attention due to the series I have working on, “Backroad Conversations”. Due to a rooky mistake on my part, a couple of variations of this photo was my only photograph of the town. My battery was dead, and the rest of them locked in the car and my friend with the keys on the other side of the town. Luckily, a fellow Fuji X series photographer was close by and he had an extra battery. Learn from your mistakes…I now carry an extra battery on my camera strap.

I’ve chosen not to reveal the name of this town because there are two residents still living there. Please consider not revealing on social media the location of sensitive areas. Share them privately with photographers you trust to treat the location with respect.

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