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Exploring the Beauty of Central Ohio and Beyond...

© Vincent Nobel (vincentnobel.com)

© Vincent Nobel (vincentnobel.com)

As a native of Ohio, I have made "Exploring the Beauty of Central Ohio and Beyond" the heart of my photography. I want my images to emphasize the beauty of my home state along with all the natural beauty of neighboring states and beyond. I am passionate about nature photography, both landscape, and close-up, with additional interests in urban exploration and rural living. I want to share this beauty through my art and by helping others learn and share their photography.

Growing up in rural northwest Ohio, I moved to Columbus to go to college to become a software developer, which is still my full-time career. While I had been taking pictures all my life, I did not begin to see myself as a creative person until about eight years ago. Scrapbooking led to a desire to take better photos. The more I immersed myself in photography, the less I scrapbooked. By 2013, photography became my main creative pursuit and now my second career

While I firmly believe the camera is not the main ingredient in a great photo,  dependable equipment is important. I use the Fuji X system, currently the X-T1 and several Fuji XF series lenses. Their system fits my needs and delivers the quality photos I need to make my images.

I am also the co-organizer of the Ohio Photographic Adventures Meetup. If you are looking for great photo outings and quality instruction please visit https://www.meetup.com/Ohio-Photographic-Adventures/.

Please contact me if you wish to purchase a print or have any questions about my photos.

I hope you enjoy my photos.

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